Ariana Fletcher Pregnant During Alleged G Herbo Assault, G Herbo & Gervonta Davis Speak

New details are unfolding in the arrest involving G Herbo over his baby mama Ari Fletcher. According to police reports, she is 14 weeks pregnant. TMZconfirms the child was fathered by her current boyfriend, Gervonta Davis.

Gervonta, who is a professional boxer, addressed fans online questioning him over Ari and G Herbo’s altercation and he responded that he wasn’t getting involved publicly due to his career.

Contrarily, G Herbo took to Instagram live to air out HIS version of events, excluding the actual assault part.

The rapper alleged that Ariana “robbed” him by taking over $300k in jewelry from his mother’s home months ago when they broke up. He accused the socialite of stashing the expensive jewelry in Atlanta, eventually telling him to come to get it.

Herb goes on to bad mouth Ari, calling her a “b*tch”, describing her as still wanting to be with him and confirming he still wants to be with his girlfriend Taina Williams, and not her.

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